Gentle yet powerful, Reiki is a technique of energy harmonization that feels to me like a prolongation of my yoga and meditation practice; a kind of confirmation of what those practices are already teaching to me. Our softness, our care, our love is our strength. Stopping the pushing away, relaxing the grip, the over controller and… breathing, feeling, sensing is the way. 

The Japanese word ‘rei’ can be translated as something mysterious or sacred, and the word ‘ki’ as the energy of the universe. Reiki, then, is the divine energy.

Actually, Reiki energy is very ordinary, “extraordinary” even. You feel it every time you intuitively place your hands on a part of your body that is hurt or painful. It’s the same impulse that leads you to take a crying child in your arms, to put a comforting hand on the shoulder of a broken-hearted friend or to hold a loved one by the hand. I like to describe it as the specific healing vibration of attention, presence, focus and care. Basically, it is the energy of Love. What is more amazing, powerful, soothing than love? We all need and benefit from love, it works for every body to truly heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Centered around a form of energy with an intelligence of its own, Reiki is not a conventional massage. The practitioner acts here as a channel and facilitates the energy to circulate to relieve tension and pain and accelerate the natural healing ability of the body’s parts that will need it most: joints, muscles, organs, viscera, or psychic-emotional dimension.

During a session, we will start with a small interview, check in about your healing goals and talk about what to expect during a treatment (so you always know what to expect). Then, we’ll get you comfortable and apply Reiki in a series of safe hand positions with or without touch on your body. Early in a treatment, as our busy minds and tense bodies begin to settle down, a deep sense of support, relaxation and calm is felt. Some experience heat, tingling, energy flowing through you, see colors, enter a dreamlike state. Others feel very little or enjoy a catnap. But even though we may not be aware of it, the energy is working. Simply slowing down and receiving attention can be miraculous, and allow our tired physical, mental, and emotional bodies to recalibrate and move to there own sense of equilibrium. After the treatment, you will have some time to come back, stretch, enjoy a cup of tea and share what you experienced, if you wish. Finally, simple after-care instructions will be provided.

Powerful alchemical medicine, the Reiki energy is limitless and so are the results. Typically, while our restless minds and tense bodies experience a soothing moment, a deep sense of well- being, relaxation and calm is felt. But beyond the sense of peace that it provides in the moment, there is what happens after the session and it might surprise you in a subtle way. Reiki has a way of helping us to clear old patterns and fears, to regain health, to embrace new lifestyles and to find what delights us.

You may seek Reiki to reduce stress or ease a physical imbalance and find that your mental, emotional or spiritual path gain momentum as well. However, when having a treatment it is best to have no expectations except to be open to having the treatment. Each session is different.

Everyone can receive and benefit from Reiki, it is never contraindicated, whether you’re working with acupuncture, talk therapy, pregnancy, antidepressants, chemotherapy, etc.

Similar to meditation or movement arts, it is cumulative – the more we “reiki”, the better we feel. Reiki healing usually brings about slow, gradual improvements over a period of days and weeks. The most beautiful changes we experience are often not the moments of great epiphany we all expect. Instead the most wonderful changes are gentle and continuous and for the whole of our lives.

Reiki can help to redefine what healing can be and mean. I will encourage you to be engaged in your healing process after your session and before your next treatment. It is important to practice the art of receiving and at the same time, ultimately, we are our own best healers. Being active in our healing treatment plan helps to choose with awareness in our lives and act as powerful guardians of our own well-being. Being loving and kind to yourself is one of the great joys of living. Self-love and acceptance are a necessity to the world to heal.